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Brand essentials in the digital age

Article by Conrad Llorens for el Economista

Despite the complexity of the challenges, the new panorama facilitates more efficient and integrated brand management, which leads to better results and increased growth.

The current situation is not only characterised by being enormously susceptible to change, but also by the speed with which those changes occur. And digitisation is one of the main driving forces behind that change. It has an effect in terms of the way companies communicate and relate to their stakeholders, in the management of their operating processes, in the experience they generate for their customers and in their business models, among other areas. Brands such as Skype, Uber, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, among others, are characterised by having no fixed assets, by adopting a role of mediator between supply and demand, by transforming purchasing into pay per use, by the incorporation of freemium or directly free models, by drawing on content generated by users and by converting product into a service…


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