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The construction of a brand, model patented. From the name to the management of the day to day.

The consultant Summa has developed a method for creating a brand. What more difficult? Define the philosophy that must wrap the product.

How to create a brand? where it does? How was it born? The Summa just patenting his particular vision of how that process should be performed.

Summa was founded in 1989 as a consultancy brand, something that was then “very innovative”, explains Conrad Llorens, Managing Director of the company. Them early, as is normal, were difficult. In your case, the ignorance that existed about their specialty complicated things. “We confused with agencies of publicity or with companies from marketing”, says Llorens. “Now, however, 67 percent of companies considered that the brand is very important, something impossible just five years ago”.

To his trial, the globalization-that has led to them companies Spanish to compete with companies of others countries where itself there is the branding- and the situation of the market-each time there are more products and there are that differentiate is of the rest-has powered this specialty in Spain. Llorens is a lover of brands and defends them: “the consumer does not know the intrinsic qualities of a product; “by it is important to count with a good mark”, argues. In his view, the primary identification of the consumer with a teaching is what will make you opt for one or another product. The key to building brands according to Summa is the name of the method that the company has patented in the international registration of intellectual property. According to Llorens, all process of construction of a brand can follow four steps. Are the following:

 1. Idea

“It is the hardest thing of all,” says the CEO of Summa. You have to define what will be the company’s corporate culture and then answer the question: what makes us different from our competitors and attractive for our customers? In summary, “there is that define what is the DNA of the brand;” It’s what defines you and you positions.” A good example, according to Llorens, is Apple, the company computer. “An Apple suggests simplicity, simplicity”.

2. Expression

There is that realize the name of the brand and its identity visual, something determinant because establishes the first perception that the customer has of she. Rather than find a logo right – also – needed to find a name, colors and a style that correspond to the idea of a brand that has been determined. This paragraph includes other elements such as the packaging of the product, the web, etc. Ultimately, according to Llorens, “should establish a global system to express the idea”.


3. Culture

Workers must internalize the philosophy of the company. “If not seduces to the employee, not you can seduce to the customer-said Llorens-.” “He is the first that will have relationship with the customer and your opinion will be more valued that it of, for example, an ad”. The head of Summa argues that, if this process is not done well, there is a risk reduce brand to an advertising message empty and without credibility.

4. Management

It is the last step, but it is only the beginning of everything. Consists in managing the day to day of the brand. A plan that allows a constant focus on the brand by the entire organization, from the first until the last employee you must get underway. We must monitor products that are created, the campaigns that are made, human resources applied, etc. In short: “all actions, decisions and communications to be taken every day should be oriented to the mark”.

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