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The brand: culture before that image

Until recently it was thought in the brands exclusively in terms of external projection. However, for which a mark can be projected with success toward the outside, it is necessary that before we have made toward inside, ensuring that all the organization comprises, shares and is committed to the principles inspiring it.

In other words, no company can build a strong brand if its people does not act on a daily basis and systematically in line with the value proposition that encloses the mark. What contrarario, the brand is reduced to an advertising message vacuum that lacks credibility.

In this sense, one of the main challenges facing today companies is to be able to create a culture based on the mark that is shared by each and every one of the people who make up the organization.

A culture based in the brand brings value through two axes: on the one hand dota of sense and coherence to the conduct of them people, and by another, drives and reinforces the commitment of them same with the vision and the strategy business.

The brand, in its dimension internal, is converts so in the point of reference, in the source of inspiration for the behavior individual and collective of all it company in the performance of their activities and in it takes of decisions everyday. And it is precisely the sum total of behaviors aligned with the brand that gives credibility to the external brand and its value proposition.

Studies recent made to level international put of manifest that a correct management internal of the mark affects directly in the satisfaction and in the fidelity of them employees (and accordingly of them customers). In listed companies also influences its market value.

But the brand internal, as the external, must be managed with efficiency and vision strategic. He process for the creation of a culture based in it brand consists in manage properly it broadcasting of its essence, principles and proposition of value, as well as the internalization of them same, ensuring is of that have been correctly interpreted, and finally appropriate, by all and each an of them people that compose it organization and their collaborators more narrow.

Face-to-face methodologies can be complemented with tools online, like Agorabrand, that manage to involve more people in less time and at a lower cost. These methods are especially useful for companies with high geographical dispersion and require only that the jobs are computerized network.

In any case, a program of branding internal, online, or a combination of both, should allow that the communication and interaction is produce in all them senses (not only of up down), and also be evaluable, i.e., that count with systems and metric that allow know if is getting them objectives that is pursued.

Finally, the internal management of the mark should not be punctual and isolated effort, but a constant activity that will ensure that at all times the organization is aligned with the brand, evolving according to the competitive strategy, but without losing its essence, thus providing the real reason why the promises that the brand launched on the market through its communication.


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