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New image for RTVE

RTVE translates his internal changes into a new image

RTVE is upgraded. The President of the Corporation, Luis Fernandez, presented yesterday in Valladolid the new image ofthe companies of the Ente. “It is one image that refers to what we went and expresses the emotion with which we face the new challenges” and defined these variations by ensuring that “this is not a change of symbol, but the symbol of a change”. Continued explaining Fernández that “a new stage of RTVE demands a modernisation commensurate with what is happening in the audiovisual sector, jumping blow over all the years of delay that we had with regard to the competition.

The new image of RTVE. This inspired in the light as idea central and metaphorical of movement, renewal and projection towards the future. The new team of RTVE carries a year in office, with one healthy society both financially as staff and that called urgently for a new philosophy of public television, both based on the audience as the independence of the Government.

Fernandez indicated that they received a brand with little credibility with an audience of elderly, lower middle class and the rural world. “After a year of it put up of the Corporation, a time adopted the measures more urgent, is necessary undertake the change of image corporate.” said.


Source: La Vanguardia

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