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SUMMA creates the identity of red button, the new interactive service of RTVE

Last September, RTVE launched a new service that enables the merger of Internet with the television signal. Thanks to her, the audience with TVs connected to the Internet can access the contents of the public with your remote control.

Summa has collaborated with RTVE in the definition of the name “Red button RTVE” and the design of its visual identity, calling the connection from the television environment and visual style in the interactive environment. Summa also was the consultant of branding that in 2008 created and implanted the current identity corporate of the Corporation, its companies and channels.

To be a new range in the brand portfolio of RTVE, the graphics solution is specific and incorporates an icon that refers also to the path to the platform. In addition, Summa has collaborated with the direction of interactive media advising on the visual style in the environment of Red Button (HbbTV).

According to Josep Maria Mir, creative director of Summa, “the red button name responds to the desire of RTVE to break the technology barrier and promote the use of this service among all types of public. That has been avoided to allude to technology or interactive content, focusing on communicating the way of access to the service, which is precisely through the red button of the remote control.

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